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Presidents Welcome

Welcome to, and welcome back to, Crowborough Rugby Football Club! Where ever we have been and whatever we have been doing during the Summer months and school holidays arriving at the CRFC clubhouse at the beginning of a new rugby season is a joy and celebration of what existing players know awaits them in the games and teamwork that lie ahead during the colder, darker and wetter months ahead that only rugby can enthuse them to anticipate with such excitement.

For new members, young or old, experienced or beginners, Mums, Dads, Grandparents and all family and friends, we welcome you to a club that puts the playing of the game and the experience of being in an extended family at the heart of our aspirations. CRFC is lucky to have a clubhouse that is notorious for its warmth and environment, with staff, helpers and facilities that are admired throughout the region and in our leagues. Please take the maximum enjoyment from you membership and playing participation by using all of our facilities and joining in with the togetherness that the game of rugby brings to those of you who are on the pitch or standing supporting and cheering on the touchline or balcony.

We live in a town and region where the community thrives by being together. For 70 years CRFC has always made playing the game of rugby its priority, but more and more we see it as an integral part of the community. At a time when divisions in society trouble our way of life it is important to know and feel that by being a member of a club like CRFC is not just about playing a game with a 'funny shaped ball' but more about knowing where to go to find the warmth of friendship off the pitch and the demands and satisfaction of team work on the pitch.

I am grateful for a highly engaged and competent Executive Committee, probably the youngest (in average age anyway!) that I have experienced that manages your club to a very professional level. I first joined in the running of the club when my children where in the minis and found that by playing a roll as a coach and joining in the organising of Sunday playing events as satisfying as playing for the seniors on Saturdays. I really encourage you to get the most of being a member of CRFC by joining in with the friends and families that you meet to both help the club and get the best experience for yourselves. Who knows - when you get to a certain age you may even become a member of the Friday Club!

Rugby is still going through a transition from being purely amateur to becoming pro-am even at out level. Rest assured that CRFC puts rugby as a game and its membership at all ages before any professional ambitions. We have managed our finances for all of our many members to ensure that we can provide the facilities, health and safety, and welfare that we consider essential for the well being of the club. Whatever happens on the pitch in the coming season, we will hold the health of the club to be as important as the health and enjoyment of our members.

I look forward to meeting you on the pitch and in the bar!

David Clark, President CRFC