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68. June 2nd to June 16th

Tuesday June 16th - 08:30

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly are on our screens again this week.

The Good; a fantastic result for England Under 20s last night beating South Africa 28 - 20 in the their World Cup. They now face New Zealand who beat France. The final is on Saturday.

The Bad; the Top 14 final. What a turgid affair. I fell asleep it was that bad............. or was that the Cotes du Rhone?

The Ugly; the Italian World Cup squad have gone on strike over bonuses. They are refusing to wear the sponsors kit and refused to attend training sessions. Money, money, money. Who says it is good for the game.

Paul O'Connell joins Toulon. A nice way to enhance his pension pot.

Clermont Auvergne, who were rubbish against Stade Francais, have gone on a spending spree in the hope of becoming the bride instead of the bridesmaid.

Got this far then get your diary out

June 26th - AGM - Be there!!!
June 27th & 28th - NatWest Rugby Force - 4 x 4 hour sessions. - Be there with your strimmer, shovel, hedge trimmer etc. Pick a session.

In the papers Greece is taking centre stage. A state of emergency one headline screams. Can I pontificate? You shouldn't spend what you haven't got.

Chocolate is good for you. HOORAH. Good for the heart. Off to the shops for two bars right now.

Dentists are the latest pariahs more interested in your money than your teeth. I found a new NHS dentist and they are GREAT.

Much in the news about the family off to Syria. So?

Just what the world needs is another Bush heading for the presidency. The last one was a conniving, lying toe-rag. The first one was an incompetent. Who knows what Jeb is. Perhaps an alien. What is certain is he is a typical two faced politician swinging in the wind of public opinion.

And back to rugby........ Southern Hemisphere Rugby Championship gets underway this weekend. Always worth watching. That is of course if you have been seduced by the Murdoch empire and subscribe to SKY.

Talking of which there is a mildly funny piece about the Top Final on the Sky sports App. Well worth reading.

Saturday June 13th - 09:20

Another busy week hence the lack of a blog. Much toing and froing to Steel Cross with Friday Club yesterday.

The Summer Ball plans are now finalised. It will be a cracking event. There are a few seats left but you'll need to move fast. Once they've gone they've gone!!!

The AGM preparation is also complete. If you want to know what we've done and what we plan and then have a say on that then join us. Friday June 26th.

The following two days; June 27th and 28th, are the Nat West 'Rugby Force' days. We have again secured sponsorship for this so please join us for one of the four sessions. The work is not arduous and makes a huge difference to the clubs surroundings.

England Under 20s got into the semi finals by the back door after losing to an excellent French side. They now face South Africa on Monday.

Congratulations to THE GREAT Gareth Edwards. Now Sir Gareth.

At last the hype around RWC 2015 has started. An excellent comprehensive piece in the Evening Standard earlier this week. Good coverage on SKY and BBC

Plenty of support for Stuart Lancaster's stance on Steffon Armitage and even more for his position on discipline.

Dan Carter and Richie McCaw have played their last Super 15 rugby with a win over the Brumbies this morning. It is pretty certain both will make their final bow in RWC 2015. Two real ambassadors for the game.

The Top 14 final tonight is worth watching. Clermont v Stade. I go Clermont.

I read with interest that BT Sport have secured exclusive rights for the Champions League. As a result they will now be increasing their prices for non BT Broadband customers and removing access from PCs and tablets. I am led to believe that the rugby will be less easy to access unless you pay more. You can understand BTs desire to recoup the billions they have shelled out on sport but I fear making top flight rugby less accessible on TV will be detrimental to our great game.

What a brilliant result last night in the round ball game: Wales 1 v Belgium 0.

In other news the immigration situation continues to take up many column inches. I understand that many holidays in Greece and Southern Italy have been cancelled due to the thousands of migrants pouring into those countries. I have a view...... as always .... but not for here.

Wednesday June 10th - 09:00

O2 touch rugby tonight. Why not come along. Young, old, girls, boys. Everyone is welcome. The bar will be open.

In rugby news England heave a collective sigh of relief as Mike Brown is cleared to return to training and playing after a lengthy concussion break.

It was sad to read the tragic death of former New Zealand back row forward Jerry Collins and his wife in a car crash in France.

England Under 20s head their group ahead of the crucial game vs France later today. BT Sport. Wales take on Japan in a game with only pride to play for. Ireland are second in the group but face top seeds New Zealand. Scotland are languishing in the doldrums at the foot of their group. I wonder what Nicola 'the leader of the free world' Sturgeon has to say about that.

A short-sighted and cynical approach by US rugby has meant the cancellation of Leicester's eye-catching pre-season friendly. This smacks of nimbyism and protection of their commercial interests rather than a fantastic promotion for our great game.

If you were in any doubt about the steady increase in the role that money plays in our game and not necessarily for good then you only have to read today's papers.............

England players are in line for a £100,000 windfall if they win RWC 2015. They will get £15,000 for making a match day squad.

And how is this going to be paid for?

In part by the sale of the exorbitantly expensive RWC 2015 England replica shirts. £120 each. Yes £120.

I suggest England players shouldn't be putting a down payment on the new Porsche just yet.

I also suggest England fans might want to wait for the end of the group stages as shirts could be down to £1.20 when if England fail to progress.

Manu Tuilagi could be on his way to Toulouse. Money, money, money........ for fines, fines, fines

In other news well done to England's cricketers. A stunning performance but in a game that counts for naught.

There is a lot in the news about electronic cigarettes at the moment. For the avoidance of doubt Crowborough RFC sees these in the same light as any tobacco product and therefore are banned from use in the clubhouse.

I have just got back from assisting Mrs Chairman on a school outward-bound trip to Dorset. Four days of canoeing, power boating, hill walking, beachcombing, and various other educational pursuits. Dorset is simply stunning with Corfe Castle, Lulworth Cove, Studland Bay and Poole Harbour being highlights. Anyway, to the point. Being a teacher is a vocation that demands our respect. It is far from easy. In fact, even with well educated children from wealthy families, the challenges are immense. I therefore find it very, very galling that some people are raking in nearly as much as a teacher earns for doing jack all. It cannot be right.

One of the most stunning sights was Durdle Door (go online and search it). The beach is sensational. However........ when we had clambered down the steep steps to the water's edge we were confronted with a huge pile of rubbish that some scumbags had simply left behind after what seemed a big party. It was disgusting.

Now here is a thought. A thought which I have shared before. Why don't we insist on those who are able to work but decide to take benefits instead do community services such as clearing up the rubbish left behind by scumbags who have no respect for anything or anyone.

Got to go for a lie down. Giving blood later today. By the way the blood service is desperate for new donors. Why not give it a thought, or encourage your off-spring to think about. It really is important.

Thursday June 4th - 09:00

There are THE Crows. That's our 3rds. A Great bunch. Then there is the Crow. That is a large black bird. Then there is to crow. That is a Fez head after Sarries sensational season winning all before them at home ....... but of course nothing where it counts; in Europe.

I have also been taken to task about being too parochial and only focussing on Wales and England when discussing the Under 20s Championship. Yes I could have mentioned Ireland and their last kick win over the Pumas but do you know what................ I am not Irish, not living in Ireland, and have never found lucky heather to be anything other than a marketing con dreamt up by some crazed and scary women who live in caravans.

I am a proud and long standing supporters of the Foxes, as I am sure you know. That faith was shaken to its foundations by the appalling behaviour of some of the club's junior players. An absolute disgrace that needs dealing with.

The fixtures will be on the website soon but a couple of soundbites. We open and close with Beckenham. The home fixture being the last of the season will be our President's Lunch. Our first home game is vs Hove on Sept 26th, the same day England play Wales in RWC 2015. Our first encounter with the boys down the A26 is Oct 24th. We host them on 30th January. Past players is planned to be November 7th when we face Ashford, and that very nice guy; Salad. A new name appears on the fixture list: Old Alleynians. They are Dulwich based side and used to be educated on a small footpath between two rows of houses. Actually they are the old boys side of Dulwich college.

Must go. More hours doing club stuff awaits.

Wednesday June 3rd - 08:30

'So-long, farewell, auf wiedersehn my friend. Adieu, adieu..... adieu, adieu, adieu'. Lyrics taken from the new Sepp Blatter West End smash hit 'Shittyshittybungbung'.

Vanity Fair: 'A farce to beat all farces'

The Guarniad: 'A tale of greed, deceit and incompetence'

The Organ of Truth: 'Right up there with "I am a Benefit Bride" and "Strike, Strike, Strike" the RMT long running extravaganza'

The Sun: 'We love the part played by Titty Le Blankcheque'

Mobster Weekly: 'The best play since "Al Capone - my life as a crossdressing tax collector" '

The Rugby Paper: 'A great story line but lacking the farcical behaviour as portrayed in "Dylan - how to blow it" and "Cips Sips and Drives" '

The Independent: 'Five stars - this one will run and run'

In other news

The BRILLIANT Paul O'Connell will retire after RWC 2015.

The RWC 2015 tournament hype builds but for me it continues to lack any oomph!

England got their Under 20 campaign off to a comfortable start as they strolled, in the first half at least, past Japan. Wales were undone by a very good French side. England and Wales meet on Saturday. K.O. 19:30

Got to go. The dentist awaits........... less painful than reading some of the rubbish in the Organ of Truth.

Oh! and Happy Birthday to my sister.

Tuesday June 2nd - 09:00

Some club notices to start

Quins Summer Camp - a great way for your kids to experience top quality coaching. All details are on this website. Book early as places are going quickly.

Summer Ball - the planning moves ahead at a pace. We are seeking innovative raffle and auction items. Can you help? If yes, give me a call. We already have a signed British Lions 2013 shirt and fully signed limited edition charity Quins shirt.

The AGM - June 26th - Diary this today. This is your chance to hear what is going on, but more importantly have a say.

As we move into Autumn, yesterday's summer was officially classed as 'a little disappointing'.

Many of our friends and colleagues will be suffering with high blood pressure this morning as the line from Crowborough to London Bridge is blocked by a fallen tree.

I feel for them. Last week Mrs Chairman and I took the train to and from London. We travelled off peak, and even then the train was busy. Miserable, whining kids, inane telephone conversations and music way too loud. Boy oh boy I DO NOT MISS THAT ONE BIT!!.

Why were you in London I hear you ask. We went to the O2 to see the fantastic Fleetwood Mac. A brilliant show at a tremendous venue.

Dylan being dropped from the RWC 2015 squad is old news now but it still beggars belief how easily he presses the self-destruct button. Another who has pressed the self-destruct button is Danny Cipriani. He is splashed across the papers this morning after being stopped for suspected drink-driving. There is a good chance he will suffer the same fate as Dylan: the trapdoor from the squad.

Another who could hear the clunk of the trapdoor bolt being undone is David Strettle as he signs for Clermont Auvergne. This is an interesting one. If he stays the clamour for Armitage and Abendenon will return. If he goes Lancaster will be accused of putting his principles ahead of winning RWC 2015.

Putting the absence of Jonathan Davies to one side the Wales squad looks well balanced, experienced and stronger than 2011. George North is raring to go after his lengthy recuperation from concussion. Hooky is in the squad. He would be my starting #10.

The Under 20 World Championship starts to today. Wales and England both play. Full coverage on BT Sport. I will be watching and interested to hear what the England coach has to say. After all the family track record is one of being outspoken.

I thought I was walking a libel tightrope with my descriptions of Sepp 'the bung' Blatter but am heartened by Des Kelly (Evening Standard June 1st) calling him 'that resilient little toad'.